Tugboats, the semi's of the ocean. They pass Powell River pulling logbooms, construction barges, scows of hogfuel and chips for the local paper mill, train barges, barges loaded with
semi-trailers and chemical tankers and more. And I take their pictures as they pass.

Here you will find some of the photos I have taken of those tugboats as they pull their tows up and down Malaspina Strait and the surrounding waters. Big ones and little ones, good looking tugs and some not so.
I like them all, and if you like tugs - including tugs converted to other uses - I invite you to have a look.

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Island Chief

Island Chief - 2015-03-27

Island Chief - born as the Melinda Jane for Kootenay Water Transport of Nelson, BC. She became the Storm Spray in 1979 and then the Island Chief for Island Tug and Barge in 2000. She has very recently been registered as owned by Tuna Falls Holdings of Vancouver. Here shown in the Catalyst Mill harbour with her barge.

Length: 16.37m Breadth: 5.18m Draft: 2.04m Power: 450 BHP Year Built: 1958

Island Chief - 2015-03-27

Island Chief - 2015-03-27

Island Chief - 2015-03-27

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  1. The shot form the back is an interesting view. I see she is tethered to the barge from the rear. One trip Wayne made up the lake with our cedar raft John convinced him it would be better to push than pull. Wayne was skeptical, but it turned out John was right. They made much better time and could control the raft loaded with quads for a ride at the Head much better. - Margy


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