Tugboats, the semi's of the ocean. They pass Powell River pulling logbooms, construction barges, scows of hogfuel and chips for the local paper mill, train barges, barges loaded with
semi-trailers and chemical tankers and more. And I take their pictures as they pass.

Here you will find some of the photos I have taken of those tugboats as they pull their tows up and down Malaspina Strait and the surrounding waters. Big ones and little ones, good looking tugs and some not so.
I like them all, and if you like tugs - including tugs converted to other uses - I invite you to have a look.

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D.D. Catherwood

D.D. Catherwood - 2014-09-08

The D.D. Catherwood - as the name suggests, she is another Catherwood Towing tug. The ex K.G.Hodder, she was purchased by Catherwood, re-engined, and added to their fleet.  In the top photos towing Fraser River Pile and Dredge's crane barge R.E.McKenzie and deck barge MBD32 to the Catalyst Mill, where she docked her tow at the mill's "D" Dock before returning south, running light. She is usually seen here doing relief work on the City Transfer barge run. She came out of the shipyard as the Elliott Straits, and is the older sister to the Ballantyne Straits, which was built to the same design a year later, both for the  RivTow Straits company.

Length: 21.49m Breadth: 7.32m Draft: 3.05m Power: 1600 BHP Year Built: 1974

FRPD Crane Barge R.E.McKenzie - 2014-09-08

D.D. Catherwood - 2013-07-30

D.D. Catherwood - 2013-07-30

D.D. Catherwood - 2013-06-26

D.D. Catherwood - 2013-06-18

Mercury Launch and Tug barge MLT2000-1 - 2013-06-18


  1. You're back! I just noticed your comment on another BC blog...so of course I had to say 'hello'.

  2. Just found your blog. Wow, well done. Thanks for putting it together. I posted a photo of the D.D. CATHERWOODon my FB page in that nasty storm on Monday. Check it out if you like. FB page is Al Ruff. BTW, your photos are excellent.

    1. Thanks! - but can't check the photo, I'm one of those that don't do Facebook.


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