Tugboats, the semi's of the ocean. They pass Powell River pulling logbooms, construction barges, scows of hogfuel and chips for the local paper mill, train barges, barges loaded with
semi-trailers and chemical tankers and more. And I take their pictures as they pass.

Here you will find some of the photos I have taken of those tugboats as they pull their tows up and down Malaspina Strait and the surrounding waters. Big ones and little ones, good looking tugs and some not so.
I like them all, and if you like tugs - including tugs converted to other uses - I invite you to have a look.

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Seaspan Commodore

Seaspan Commodore - 2012-06-04

Seaspan Commodore - the 2nd-largest tug in the Seaspan fleet - she had top honours till Seaspan acquired the Rivtow Captain Bob, now the Seaspan Royal. Her tow here is the self-loading/self-dumping log barge Seaspan Phoenix. The Commodore had hauled the Phoenix south to the log sort at Stillwater, but once she dumped her load, the Phoenix couldn't right herself. They came back up the coast the short distance to Powell River and laid up overnight near the Mill. Some hours later they were on their way. It's a big combo, the barge itself is 397 feet long.

Length: 40.38m Breadth: 10.92m Draft: 6m Power: 4290Kw Year Built: 1974

Seaspan Commodore and barge Seaspan Phoenix - 2012-06-04

Seaspan Commodore and barge Seaspan Phoenix - 2012-06-04

Seaspan Commodore and barge Seaspan Phoenix - 2012-06-04

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  1. i like the photo of the log barge in dump mode ive wanted to get photos of log barges in dump mode or ready to dump the logs


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